Leatherhead Ultra-Force Axe

Leatherhead Tools

Leatherhead Tool Ultra Force Axe with Leatherhead-Lock


•    Leatherhead-Lock adds pulling force when married to a halligan
•    Ultra-Force® 8 lb..Axe head made with special high-carbon steel
•    Used for ventilation, forcible entry, overhaul and extrication
•    Flat sledge end to smash through doors, roofs, walls and floors
•    Redesigned head with 90° square edge striking surfaces
•    Handle mounted in the center for the “Perfect” balance
•    100% Made and manufactured in the U.S.A.
•    Handle Colors: Orange, Lime Green, Yellow, Black
•    Yellow and black handles have 'deer hoof' grip at base of handle

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UFAO-8 Ultra-Force Axe - Orange Handle
UFAL-8 Ultra-Force Axe - Lime Green Handle
UFAY-8 Ultra-Force Axe - Yellow Handle
UFAB-8 Ultra-Force Axe - Black Handle