Straps come in many shapes, sizes and colors and provide a multitude of uses both in equipment storage, and on the fire ground to transport equipment. First Out Rescue Equipment carries so many straps you might call us “strap happy”. We offer straps for your radio, gloves, fire hose and equipment & tools and just about any thing else that can be “strapped”.....well almost anything. Maybe you are tired of carrying loose rolls of hose up endless flights of stairs. Not to fear, we have a large selection of hose straps and bags from R&B Fabrications (sorry, you still have to carry the hose). We’ve got ya’ covered with gloves straps from Ringers and Golfire so you don’t look like a probie when you can’t find your gloves. We can even make sure your radio stays out of the water, mud and snow with radio cases & straps from Boston Leather.

Straps & Cases