Primary Search Line – Chicago Bag

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The primary search line is made up of 9.5mm Kevlar over polyester rope and comes with two non-rated carabiners. The standard bag style is made of Cordura material and is designed to carry the search line only. The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and seat-belt style buckle. The Primary Search Line bag has a loop or ring at the bottom of the bag so that the rope is always attached to the bag. Simply connect the snap hook to the bottom loop and stuff the rope into the bag. There is no need to open the rope flap to access the rope, simply pull the snap hook and the rope will deploy through the designed opening.

The RIT Marker System can be added to any primary search line. This system was developed by nationally recognized fire service instructors. The marker system provides distance in the structure and the direction out. A series of knots and rings are placed at 20 ft. intervals. The number of knots can be counted to determine distance traveled into the building, and the rings provide a direction to the way out.

Click HERE [PDF] for more information on the Marker System.

• 9.5 mm Kevlar rope (7600 lbs. tensile strength)
• Kevlar Rope temp. rated to 862 degrees F
• 100 ft. or 200 ft. rope lengths
• Marker system available

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