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What can be done to a hand-line smoothbore nozzle that allows a pattern to be created for coverage of fuels and movement of air that does not restrict the flow, does nothing to disrupt the performance of the smooth bore stream, yet can quickly and easily produce a uniformly disbursed pattern?

•    It can't be a combination fog nozzle.  
•    It has to perform well for Compressed Air Foam Applications.
•    Hydraulically it can’t be any different to pump than a smoothbore tip.
•    It must perform with any smoothbore tip from 1/2" up to 1 1/4".
•    The choice of the dispersed pattern by the operator must be effortless, quick and simple.
With these challenging firefighter driven requirements in mind, the TFT innovation team, after hundreds of design and development hours, is proud to introduce the VORTEX - A Smoothbore with a TWIST.


•    Does not affect smooth bore tip performance (GPM, stream reach & penetration)
•    User selectable dispersed pattern allows  for:
     o    Air movement (hydraulic ventilation)
     o    Wider coverage area (dispersed fuels)

•    The Tip-Only version can be integrated with any 1 3/8" waterway ball shutoff.
•    All models are designed to work with your choice of smoothbore tips.
•    NH inlet and outlet threads are standard.  NPSH threads are available.
•    Valved models have color coded handle covers and grips available.
•    TFT's FSS series of smoothbore tips or stacked tips are a great choice, but any appropriate tip can be used.

Three models of the Vortex are available:
1.    Tip-Only that can be used with any ball shutoff
2.    Valved model (colored handle available)
3.    Valved model with a pistol grip (colored handle and pistol grip available)

Colored Pistol Grips & Colored Handle Covers:
New nozzles will be shipped with black handle covers and a black pistol grip (if equipped). Colored Pistol Grips and Colored Handle Colors are available for FREE when purchasing a new TFT nozzle. You may specify colored handles and colored pistol grip (if equipped) at the time of order, or they can be obtained for FREE once the warranty card is completed and returned to TFT.

Available Pistol Grip and Handle Colors:
Black (Std.) Green
Orange Gray
Red Pink
Yellow Purple
White Tan
Blue -


Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
SVFT Vortex - Tip Only - 1.5"NHF X 1.5"NHM
SVFV Vortex - w/ Shutoff Valve - 1.5"NHF X 1.5"NHM
SVFG Vortex - w/ Shutoff Valve and Pistol Grip - 1.5"NHF X 1.5"NHM
SVFV-NJ Vortex - w/ Shutoff Valve - 2.5"NHF X 1.5"NHM
SVFG-NJ Vortex - w/ Shutoff Valve and Pistol Grip - 2.5"NHF X 1.5"NHM