HEAVY Irons Set

The combination of the Leatherhead Halligan Bar and the Fire Hooks Hex-Bar are quite possibly the most bad ass set of HEAVY Irons forcible entry irons available today.

Leatherhead Halligan Bar
The Leatherhead Bar is a Halligan style forcible entry tool that is constructed of high carbon steel and is drop forged to ensure optimum strength and rigidity.  It is heat treated for lasting hardness and strength that meets or exceeds ANSI specifications.  This rugged Leatherhead Bar is perfect for ventilation, forcible entry or overhaul.

•    100% Manufactured in the U.S.A. with American materials and craftsmanship
•    Drop forged with high carbon steel, fully heat treated and plated
•    All forged design to last a lifetime of abuse and punishment
•    Length: 30"
•    Weight: 12 lbs.

Fire Hooks Unlimited Hex-Bar
The Fire Hooks Hex-Bar is quite possibly the only “fire fighter proof” tool in existence.  The solid steel shaft is made with Pro-Bar Hexagon Steel and fit with Celtex self-extinguishing grips. The 8 lb. sledge head is fitted with an ADZ Bracket to allow marrying of a Halligan Bar.

The 28” overall length is perfect for use in tight spaces while still providing all the “muscle” needed to defeat the toughest forcible entry challenges. The opposite end of the handle is fit with the Adz end of a Halligan, making the Hex-Bar an excellent prying tool as well as the ultimate striking tool.

•    Length: 28”
•    Weight: 12 lbs.

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