Fire Hooks Maul Sledge w/ Adz Bracket

Fire Hooks Unlimited

The Fire Hooks 8 lb. Maulᅠis a slightly shorter version of a standard 36" sledge hammer.ᅠ The Fire Hooksᅠ8 lb. Maulis attached to aᅠ28" fiberglass handle with Celtex grips.ᅠ The 28" handle makes life easier in those tight spaces while still allowing all the striking power you need.

The 8 lb.ᅠMaul is available with a plainᅠhead or with the Adz Bracket.ᅠ The Adz bracket on top of the sledge head is designed to marry the Adz end of a Pro-Bar Halligan ᅠor Adz-Bar.ᅠ When used with the Fire Hooks Shoulder Strap System, this combination allows one person to carry a complete entry system.

Available as:

  • 8 lb. Plain Maulᅠ
  • 8 lb. Maul with Adz Bracket
  • Adz Maul Set: (8 lb.ᅠMaul w Adz Bracket, 30" Pro Halligan Bar, Shoulder Strap System)

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8-M28 8 lb. Maul - 28"
8-M28-B 8 lb. Maul w/ Adz Bracket - 28"
Pro-8-M28-B Adz Maul Set