Fire Hooks Hex-Bar

Fire Hooks Unlimited

The Fire Hooks Hex-Bar is quite possibly the only “fire fighter proof” tool in existence. The solid steel shaft is made with Pro-Bar Hexagon Steel and fit with Celtex self-extinguishing grips. The 8 lb. sledge head is fitted with an ADZ Bracket to hold various tools such as the:

Pro-Bar Halligan  -  Adz-Bar  -  Maxximus Halligan Bar and Halligan style bars of all types.

The Hex Bar measures 28” long and weighs in at 12 lbs. The 28” overall length is perfect for use in tight spaces while still providing all the “muscle” needed to defeat the toughest forcible entry challenges. The opposite end of the handle is fit with the Adz end of a Pro-Bar Halligan, making the Hex-Bar an excellent prying tool as well as the ultimate striking tool.

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