Fire Hooks Black Maxx

Fire Hooks Unlimited

The Fire Hooks Unlimited Black Maxx is a hybrid sledge/maul featuring 10 lb. pound striking-force head with a pointed pike/edged cutter.  The Black Maxx works well with a baseball style swing for easy forcible entry and can also provide an instant foot hold when the pointed end is sunk into a slanted or pitched roof.

The handle features an embossed thermo-rubber grip and a rubber over-strike guard that also doubles as a guide for hand placement.  The Fire Hooks Unlimited Black Maxx might just become your favorite one-stop shop tool for forcible entry, roof work, ventilation and overhaul.  The Black Maxx is built tough to handle your toughest fire ground jobs.  And the edged pike has a notch that allows you to marry a 30” Pro Bar Halligan so you can carry both tools together!

•    10 lb. Head
•    11.5 lbs. Overall weight
•    Reinforced fiberglass handle
•    Overstrike guard
•    Cutting edge on pike for chopping and cutting
•    Notched pike for Halligan marrying



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