EMI 511 Tool

EMI International

EMI has recognized the need for a versatile yet convenient multi fire/rescue tool. Th EMI 511tool is essential gear for all firefighters and emergency first responders.  The results... The 511 Toolル. Capable of five different functions:

1.ᅠ  Adjustable hydrant wrench
2.  ᅠSpanner wrench
3.ᅠ  Gas shut-off tool
4.ᅠ  Pry axe head
5.ᅠ  Striking hammer head


  • The 511 Tool is manufactured of high strength treated alloy.
  • Non-sparking and corrosion resistant
  • Very light weight and can be worn easily on a truckmanメs belt.
  • Lenght: 13.75"
  • Weight: 16oz.
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