Fire Hooks Spliting Maul w/ Adz Bracket

Fire Hooks Unlimited

The Adz-Splitting Maul weighs in at 8 lbs. and is attached to a 28" fiberglass handle with Celtex grips.  The Splitting Maul is also available with an Adz bracket on top of the maul head and is designed to marry the Adz end of a Pro-Bar Halligan or Adz-Bar.

When used with the Fire Hooks Shoulder Strap System, this combination allows one person to carry a complete entry system.

Available as:
•   Splitting Maul
•   Splitting Maul with Adz-Bracket
•   Splitting Maul Set: (Splitting Maul with Adz Bracket, 30" Pro Bar Halligan & Shoulder Strap System)

Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
SMF-8 8 lb. Splittnig Maul
8-SMG-28-B 8 lb. Splittnig Maul w/ Adz Bracket
PRO-SMG-8-B Splitting Maul Set
SSSYS Fire Hooks Shoulder Strap System