Fire Hooks Luminous Handle Axe

Fire Hooks Unlimited

These axes are the same high quality axes produced by Fire Hooks but with the addition of a luminous fiberglass handle. These axes are balanced perfectly so they lay in your hands correctly and they will not “roll” when striking or chopping like other lower quality axes.

The luminous handles are extra heavy, triple strength fiberglass with a deer hoof shaped end to increase grip area and control when striking or chopping.  Any light source will charge these axe handles and they will glow for up to 6 hours. The oversize striking head on the flathead axes make them ideal for forcible entry work.

•   Available in 6 lb. or 8 lb. heads
•   Flat head or pick head style
•  The 8 lb. flat head is equiped with the Lock Slot for marrying a Halligan Bar
•   The "Handle Only" does not include the axe head and is supplied with epoxy

You know you want one. Go ahead and order one, it’s sure to “glow on you”.

Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
LFA-6 6 lb Flathead Axe w/ Luminous Hanlde
LPA-6 6 lb Pickhead Axe w/ Luminous Hanlde
LFA-8 8 lb Flathead Axe w/ Luminous Hanlde
LPA-8 8 lb Pickhead Axe w/ Luminous Hanlde
LH Luminous Axe Hanlde ONLY