Fire Hooks Dynamic Duo

Fire Hooks Unlimited

Quite possibly the best set of forcible entry “Irons” in the fire service today, and tomorrow…  The Fire Hooks Dynamic Duo Forcible entry Irons feature the newMaxximus Halligan Bar and the New Lock-Slot 8 flat head axe.

It’s hard to believe that the most widely used and recognizable tool in the fire service could be improved, but the folks at Fire Hooks Unlimited have gone and done it!  Stronger, lighter and more versatile than a standard Pro-Bar Halligan, the Maxximus is the ultimate Halligan Bar hands down!

Maxximus Features:
• One piece drop forged construction
• Made of 4140 chrome vanadium steel
• Optional Rex lock-pulling configuration
• 2 ¾” inch wide Adz for gapping doors
• Protective insulation to 24,000 volts
• Electric cars range from 600-700 volts
• Standard 30-inch length
• Nearly 2 lbs lighter than the Pro-Bar Halligan

Maxximus is a completely "tuned" Halligan
• Square legs on the fork for striking in tight spaces
• Thinner Fork and Adz than any bar on the fire market
• Depth gauge markings on both Adz and Fork
• Molded T.P.R. grip to lessen slippage

Fire Hooks Lock-Slot 8lb Axe
• Perfect balance when in the hand of the user for striking the Maximus
• High carbon steel, dropped forged and  Rockwell heat-treated
• Head coated with anti-rust nickel plate
• Marrying slot designed to lock the axe to the Maximus, no strap needed
• Single Hand Carrying
• Quick release of tools - tap the axe handle on a hard surface to separate the pair
• Luminous yellow fiberglass handle
• Triple strength fiberglass handle with deer hoof knurled bottom grip

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DYN-DUO Maxximus Halligan & Lock-Slot 8 lb. Axe
DYN-DUO-REX Maxximus Rex Halligan & Lock-Slot 8 lb. Axe