Fire Hooks Bolt Cutter

Fire Hooks Unlimited

These are heavy duty contractor quality bolt cutters.  Perfect for concrete reinforcing rods, soft and medium hard bolts, rivets, bar and chain.  Rugged extended nose straps support the cutting edge to reduce the possibility of chipping and to prevent cutting above the tool's rated capacity.

Features 14" sanded Celtex grips that are epoxy glued to each handle. This eliminates shock after cutting materials. The feel is like no other cutters offered.

• Model BC-18: Capacity 5/16", Length 18"
• Model BC-24: Capacity 3/8", Length 24"
• Model BC-36: Capacity 1/2", Length 36"

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BC-18 18" Bolt Cutters
BC-24 24" Bolt Cutters
BC-36 36" Bolt Cutters