EMI 511 Tool

EMI International

EMI has recognized the need for a versatile yet convenient multi fire/rescue tool. The results... The 511 Toolル. Capable of five different functions:

1.ᅠ  Adjustable hydrant wrench
2.  ᅠSpanner wrench
3.ᅠ  Gas shut-off tool
4.ᅠ  Pry axe head
5.ᅠ  Striking hammer head

This tool is essential gear for all firefighters and emergency first responders. The 511 Tool is manufactured of high strength treated alloy. It is also non-sparking, corrosion resistant, light weight and can be worn easily on a truckmanメs belt.ᅠ  Approximately 13 3/4" long.ᅠ Weighs 16oz.

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