TFT Low Profile Ball Intake Valve

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The new TFT Low Profile Ball Intake Valve provides maximum flow performance in an extremely compact package.  This low profile intake/discharge ball style valve delivers incredible value for critical apparatus or industrial water supply operations.  Lightweight aluminum alloy construction is hard anodized and powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance, even in the harshest fireground applications.

An integrated pressure relief valve offers operator selected pressure choices to provide protection to hose and pumping systems from unwanted pressure spikes. Unique ball style shutoff allows the valve to remain dry when closed.  An air bleed valve permits unwanted air to escape simplifying waters supply pumping operations.

•    Compact Lightweight Design Fits Easily Into Tight Pump Panel Configurations
•    5 Year Warranty Against Corrosion
•    Integrated Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve Provides Fast Reacting High Volume Protection from Water Hammers in the Hose lines.
•    Individually Serialized for Tracking, Service and Technical Support
•    Highly Visible Valve Position Indicator
•    Slow Close Operation Exceeds All Standards Requirements
•    High Flow Waterway Has Less Than 5 psi Loss at the Rated 1,250 gpm Flow
•    Weight: Approx. 17.5 lbs.

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