Hydrant Wrench Set – Single Headed Spanner


Complete hydrant and spanner wrench set with 2 Universal Spanner Wrenches, a Hydrant Wrench with Single Headed Spanner and holder bracket

Universal Spanner Wrench
• Strong, smooth finished aluminum universal spanner wrench
• Works equally well on rocker lug and pin lug couplings
• Fits ¾” through 3”rocker lugs or pin lugs
• Gas cock shut-off, pry bar and belt hook eye
• Length 11 7/8"
• Plain aluminum finish

Hydrant Wrench – Single Headed Spanner
•    Fits pentagon heads up to 1 3/4”
•    Fits square heads up to 1 ¼”
•    Single hook spanner fits rocker or pin lugs
•    Spanner works on couplings and fittings from 3/4" through 6"
•    Handle end is knurled for a secure grip when dealing with stubborn hydrants
•    18.5” length
•    Weight: 4 lbs.


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