TFT Twister Series 1.5"

TFT - Task Force Tips

The 1.5" (38mm) Twister is a selectable, dual gallonage, combination pattern nozzle available in 1.5" (38mm) threads and is designed for simplicity and durability. The rubber bumper provides a positive grip and protects the fixed metal fog teeth. The Twister, with its optional colored pistol grip and handle covers (NFPA 1901 (A.16.9.1) and is an economical & rugged nozzle.

Twisting the shaper from the “off” position produces the following settings:
•    Low flow straight stream
•    Low flow narrow fog
•    High flow straight stream
•    High flow fog

Flows @ 100 PSI:
•    20 and 60 GPM
•    20 and 95 GPM
•    95 GPM

•    1.5” NH Rocker lug - Swivel

Twister Configurations Weight (lbs.) Length (in.)
Tip Only 1.2 5.25
Nozzle (Tip & Shut-off) 2.4 7.37
Nozzle w/Grip (Tip & Shut-off w/ grip) 2.6 7.37


Colored Pistol Grips & Colored Handle Covers:
New nozzles will be shipped with black handle covers and a black pistol grip (if equipped). Colored Pistol Grips and Colored Handle Colors are available for FREE when purchasing a new TFT nozzle. You may specify colored handles and colored pistol grip (if equipped) at the time of order, or they can be obtained for FREE once the warranty card is completed and returned to TFT.

Available Pistol Grip and Handle Colors:
Black (Std.) Green
Orange Gray
Red Pink
Yellow Purple
White Tan
Blue -


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