Fog/Straight Stream Nozzle

Scotty Firefighter

Scotty’s Fog/Straight-Stream Nozzle is a durable, light weight, maintenance free adjustable nozzle.

•    Designed for use as a standalone nozzle or with In-Line Foam Eductors
•    Creates a perfect, wide, fine mist in fog mode
•    Has excellent reach of stream, 80’ at 100 PSI in straight mode.
•    It is available in a High-Flow (50 GPM to 100 GPM) and a Low-Flow (15-50 GPM) models
•    1.5” Female NHT thread standard
•    Nozzle can be shut off by turning past straight stream.
•    Suitable for use with Class A and Class B foams.
•    Also available in NP and BSP female threads.  Contact Us for different threads.

Model Options:
•    High-Flow (50 GPM to 100 GPM)
•    Low-Flow (15 GPM to 50 GPM)
•    Optional D-Handle with shut-off

Medium Expansion Foam Tube
•    Designed to fit the Scotty 4037 and 4038 Fog Nozzles.
•    Generates a thick stream of medium expansion foam
•    Quickly lays down a foam firebreak for forest and grassland fires.
•    Perfect for car fires, tire fires or haz-mat situations where a smothering foam blanket is needed

Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
4038-LFA Low-Flow Nozzle (15 to 50 GPM)
4038-HFA High-Flow Nozzle (50 to 100 GPM)
4037-LFA Low-Flow Nozzle (15 to 50 GPM) w/ Bale Shut-Off
4037-HFA High-Flow Nozzle (50 to 100 GPM) w/ Bale Shut-Off
4039MX 5" Medium Expansion Foam Tube