Ranger Deluxe Rigid Brush Pump

Fire Hooks Unlimited

The Ranger Brush Pump features a tank constructed of "Thick Walled" polyethylene plastic that is thicker and more uniform in than other tanks on the market.ᅠ Bottom line this tank is designed to take the rough handling and harsh environment of Wildland Fire Fighting

"Non-slosh" rounded design keeps the unit comfortable, balanced, and steady. The full padded pillow back pad comforts that impinging feel of other tanks. The unit is completely corrosion resistant - will not rust like galvanized steel models and is less expensive than stainless steel tanks. Adjustable padded shoulder straps are rugged, yet fit comfortably and distribute the weight evenly down your back.ᅠᅠ Tank capacity is 5-gallons.

Choose from two models: "DELUXE" or "DOUBLE DELUXE"

Deluxe Model - Includes the above described unit, including padded and adjustable shoulder straps.

Double Deluxe Model - Has a female quick connect fitting on the tank and a male fitting on the hose. This allows removal of the pump to increase storage space of the tanks. No longer will the hose be in the way with its loop attachment. You can now store your pump and hose elsewhere on the rig. When using, simply connect the male to female with its quick connect application and youメre in operation.

Optional Storage/Carrying Bracket -ᅠConstructed of lightweight aluminum with 2" wide heavy duty webbing and a quick release seat belt style buckle to secure the tank.

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