Storz Pressure Gaskets

Action Coupling

These Storz gaskets are designed to be used on all Storz connections used with a pressurized water source (i.e. hydrant, relay pumper, etc…).

If you are using hard suction hose or intake adapters with Storz connections for drafting then you will need to use Storz “Suction Gaskets”, as the standard Pressure Gaskets will not maintain the vacuum/draft.

Available Sizes:
•   2.5”
•   4”
•   5”
•   6”

Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
GSP25 2.5" Storz Pressure Gasket
GSP40 4" Storz Pressure Gasket
GSP50 5" Storz Pressure Gasket
GSP60 6" Storz Pressure Gasket