Rapid Response Blanket


The Kovenex Rapid Rescue Blanket features a patented blend of high-performance fibers that provide flame, tear, and puncture resistance. The Rapid Rescue Blanket is used by emergency professionals and fire rescue teams. The Kovenex Rapid Rescue Blanket is tested to NFPA standards and far surpasses the performance of treated wool blankets, refusing to burn or tear. The Rapid Rescue Blanket provides rescue victims with protection against fire, intense heat, shattered glass particles, and sharp metal edges.

Multi-Use - No rescue vehicle should be without the Kovenex Rapid Response Blanket. Police cars, ambulances, fire apparatus, and life flight helicopters can all benefit from having this unique safety tool.

Safer - Patented, high performance fabric resists fire and tear, protecting you and your rescue victims against open flames, shattered glass and sharp objects

Easier - Kovenex® blankets are lightweight, yet durable, engineered to smother fire or wrap around a rescue victim for protection against burn and flying debris

•   Soft and lightweight
•   Durable, well-constructed
•   Can be used as a soft-stretcher in an emergency situation
•   Machine washable and reusable
•   Size: 58” x 73”

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4573-RB Rapid Response Blanket - Blanket ONLY
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