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Husky Portable Containment has become a leader in Folding Frame Tanks but you need a way to transport your Husky Tank on your apparatus.  Have no fear, Husky Portable Tank Racks are available and are constructed with the same quality materials and attention to detail you have come to rely on from Husky.  Husky Portable Tank Racks are constructed from stainless steel and feature a strong, reliable manual locking/release mechanism. These lightweight sturdy racks are designed for easy installation on most apparatus with little to no modification needed.

Standard size racks (1500 gal.-3000 gal.) feature three hinged feet with four bolts each and two locking points, one on each side that require two screws each. Installation of your new tank rack can literally take just a few minutes.  If the standard tank rack sizes shown below do not fit your needs, Husky can construct a custom tank rack with just a few photos of your apparatus and some basic dimensions.  Please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

•    All stainless steel construction
•    All welds are TIG welded for maximum strength
•    Easy installation on most apparatus
•    Easy tank removal and stowing in and out of rack
•    Rubber padding to protect your apparatus
•    Racks available for all standard size tanks
•    Custom sizes are available
•    Optional painting to match your apparatus
•    Standard rack depth 12"
•    Optional narrow rack depth 9"

Tank Rack Upgrade:  Alumuinum Tread Plate Windbreaks installed on both ends of tank rack.

Tank Size Standard Dimensions Weight (lbs.)
1000 Gal. 104" x 12" x 32 54
1500 Gal. 128" x 12" x 32 59
2100 Gal. 140" x 12" x 32 62
2500 Gal. 152" x 12" x 32 64
3000 Gal. 164" x 12" x 32 67
3500 Gal. 176" x 12" x 32 70
4000 Gal. 188" x 12" x 32 79
5000 Gal. 200" x 12" x 32 83


SHIPPING NOTE: Due to the size/weight of this product, shipping/truck delivery must be arranged by phone or email. You may complete your order online, however there will be no shipping charges displayed at checkout.  A First Out Rescue specialist will contact you to make delivery arrangements and give you the final cost for your order including freight charges.

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