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Dual Gallonage Foam Nozzle

The Bubble Cup series of nozzles is a unique combination pattern nozzle capable of producing aspirated foam, conventional straight stream and a wide fog pattern. When the outer sleeve is in the retracted position, the nozzle operates as a standard gallonage straight stream/combination nozzle

To use the aspirating feature, the nozzle operator simply slides the outer sleeve forward and then adjusts the pattern for shape, reach and aspiration. To return to a conventional nozzle operation instantly, the nozzle operator simply retracts the outer sleeve to the rear position.

• Designed specifically for water and foam applications with Class A and AFFF foam in a single nozzle, no attachments necessary.

• Ideally suited to work with eductors, on-board foam proportioning systems, or even batch mixed foam solutions and can easily move from aspirated foam to a wide protective fog pattern.

• Models specifically for break-and-extend operations, or with an integrated stainless steel ball shutoff and TFT's unique "quick change" rear valve seat.


Bubblecup Configurations Inlet Size Weight (lbs.)

Overall Length (in.)

Outter Sleeve (In - Out) 

 Tip Only 1" 0.9 4" - 6"
 Nozzle (Tip & Shut-off) 1" 1.8 6.37" - 8.37"
 Nozzle w/Grip (Tip & Shut-off w/ grip) 1" 2.0 6.37" - 8.37"
 Tip Only 1.5" 1.7 5" - 7.5"
 Nozzle (Tip & Shut-off) 1.5" 3.0 7.25" - 9.75"
 Nozzle w/Grip (Tip & Shut-off w/ grip) 1.5" 3.2 7.25" - 9.75"


Colored Pistol Grips & Colored Handle Covers:
New nozzles will be shipped with black handle covers and a black pistol grip (if equipped). Colored Pistol Grips and Colored Handle Colors are available for FREE when purchasing a new TFT nozzle. You may specify colored handles and colored pistol grip (if equipped) at the time of order, or they can be obtained for FREE once the warranty card is completed and returned to TFT.

Available Pistol Grip and Handle Colors:
Black (Std.) Green
Orange Gray
Red Pink
Yellow Purple
White Tan
Blue -


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