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The Enforcer 3 is a portable CAFS system that contains 3 gallons of foam solution and is capable of producing up to 60 U.S. gallons of finished foam. The Enforcer 3 produces a foam structure that can cling to horizontal and vertical surfaces thus providing a vapor barrier between the fuel and air.  The Enforcer 3 portable CAFS is a versatile firefighting tool with the ability to be adapted to many different risk areas.

With the addition of an external pressure source, the Enforcer 3 has a constant discharge distance all the way through the solution tank (No Drop in Throw).  The Enforcer 3 portable CAFS has a discharge distance of up to 45 feet allowing for a safe distance between the operator and the fire/hazard.  The expanded foam is created inside the unit which eliminates the need for an air aspirated nozzle.  The increased discharge time and a ½ gallon more firefighting product makes the Enforcer 3 a portable fire suppression powerhouse; with fully expanded finished foam at the nozzle, longer throw distance and longer discharge time than you get with a regular 2 ½ gallon water extinguisher.

The Enforcer 3 is powered by a re-fillable compressed nitrogen cylinder.  The Enforcer 3 can also use compressed air in place of nitrogen and can be filled using an SCBA fill station using the optional adapter.  

The Enforcer 3 is available as a stand-alone hand carried unit or as a user wearable back-pack design for ease of transport.


Enforcer 3 Options:
•    Additional Nitrogen Cylinder
•    Adapter to Fill Nitrogen Cylinder with SCBA Compressor

  Pressure Vessel Capacity 3 US Gallons
  Finished Foam Capacity 60 US Gallons
  Stream Distance Up to 45 ft.
  Discharge Time Up to 1 min.
General Specifications
  Pressure Vessel Construction Stainless Steel
  Pressure Vessel Dimensions 9" x 24.5" x 7"
  Fill Tower 1"
  System Hoses 3/8" dia. 3,000pis hard rubber
  Discharge Hose 3/8" x 48" 300psi booster hose
  Hose Storage Bracket on unit or compartment built into backpack
  Propellent Nitrogen or Compressed Air
  Propellent Cyl. Capacity 12 cubic ft.
  Dischange Nozzle Smooth Bore - Pistol Grip
  Handle Aluminum w/ Foam Pad
  Height 24.5"
  Width 9"
  Length 7"
  Empty Weight 21 lbs. or 22 lbs. backpack unit
  Loaded Weight 47 lbs.

View Enforcer 3 Product Specification Sheet [PDF]

View Enforcer 3 Backpack Product Specification Sheet [PDF]

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Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
ENF-3-SD Enforcer 3 CAFS Extinguisher
E-BP-3SD Backpack for Enforcer 3 SD
E-ALL-ADP Nitrogen Cyl. Adapter to Fill with SCBA Compressor
E-3-CY Enforcer 3 Additional Nitrogen Cylinder