Super Heavyweight Rope Edge Pad


These 100% cotton duck rope pads are 2 layers thick in the center and use no synthetic material on the protective surface.ᅠ

The narrow pad is 36ヤ x 12ヤ and is available with and without hook & loop (Velcro) closure so the pad can be wrapped around the rope.ᅠ Both versions of the narrow pad have grommets in the corners for securing the pad.

The wide pad is 36ヤ x 30ヤ long.ᅠ The extra-wide pad is 36ヤ x 60ヤ.ᅠ Both the wide and extra-wide pads have rigging grommets securing the pad.ᅠ

Color:ᅠ Natural


  • ᅠNarrow w/ Velcro:ᅠ 36" x 12" (shown on right in photo)
  • ᅠNarrow:ᅠ 36" x 12"
  • ᅠWide: 36" x 30" (shown on left in photo)
  • ᅠExtra Wide: 36" x 60"


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612100 Rope Edge Pad - Narrow w/ Velcro
612101 Rope Edge Pad - Narrow
612105 Rope Edge Pad- Wide
612110 Rope Edge Pad- Extra Wide