Super Crib

Turtle Plastics

•   Cleaner and safer than wood cribbing that can absorb oil and other fluids
•   Will not split or crack like traditional wood cribbing
•   2 surfaces in one crib (Pyramid Surface & Lincoln Log notches)
•   Pyramid design securely locks at any angle
•   Lincoln Logs side notches interlock for secure stacking
•   Each cribbing block has a rope handle attached at both ends


•  The Yellow cribbing color has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  
•  Cribbing is only available in Black color.


SKU Size Weight (lbs.) WLL (lbs.)
Super Crib 6" x 7" x 24" 26 110,010
Super Crib XL 6" x 6" x 36" 31 172,842


View Turtle Plastics Working Load Limit (WLL) Guide [PDF]

Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
67SC-24 Super Crib - 6'' x 7" x 24"
66SC-36 Super Crib XL - 6'' x 6" x 36"