Sequential Smart LED Flare - Rechargeable


Safety Made Simple
Confused or distracted drivers are a recipe for disaster for responders working in the roadway. Pi-Lit Sequential Smart LED Flares provide drivers with a runway like approach light that can be seen further in advance and are distinguishable from the other vehicle lighting. There's a reason why a "rabbit" light is used on runways for approaching aircraft.


Pi-Lit Smart Flare Features:
•   Automatic Synchronization of flares using intelligent radio technology
•   Rapid Deployment System (RDS) auto-on flare when removed from holder
•   Visible Range: 3,000+ feet
•   12 bright side LEDs, 4 bright surface/top mount LEDs
•   360-degree horizontal viewing angle - 180 degree vertical projection
•   50+ ft. communication range (15 meters) between flares when on the ground
•   1,000 ft. communication range (300 meters) when above ground (top of a cone)
•   No limit to the number of flares in a string
•   Magnetic base to allow mounting on vehicles, signs, cones, etc. 

Smart Flare Technology
•   An embedded accelerometer in each flare detects flare orientation
•   Flare automatically chooses which set of LEDs to flash based on orientation
•   Horizontal position - side LEDs will flash
•   Vertical position - top LEDs will flash
•   Auto orientation function can be user selected/overridden
•   Magnetic base to allow mounting on vehicles, signs, cones, etc. 
•   Mounting flares on back of vehicle can create an effective light bar.
Flash Patterns:
•   Five flash patterns to choose from: Four sequential, one simultaneous
•   Changing flash pattern done with one flare (all flares will auto sync)
•   "Group Off" function allows any single flare to turn off all flares 
•   The light sequence direction for all flares can be changed from any flare!  This is perfect for roadway deployment.  The user can drop the last flare in the sequence first, walk up stream towards traffic, and drop the first flare in the sequence last.
Pi-Lit ICS User Selectable Flash Patterns
Single Lamp March   Pi-Lit Single Lamp March Flash Pattern
 Two Lamp March  Pi-Lit Two Lamp March Flash Pattern
 Wave  Pi-Lit Wave Flash Pattern
 Fast March  Pi-Lit Fast March Flash Pattern
 Simultaneous Flash   Pi-Lit Simultaneous Fash Pattern
"Endoskeleton" Carrying Case
•   Allows for quick and safe deployment/retrieval of flares
•   Leave the flares flashing while you collect and snap them onto the case. 
•   Flashing flares on the case will increase visibility as you return to your vehicle.  
•   The carrying case also functions as the docking/charging station for rechargeable model flares
Built Rugged. Built in U.S.A.
•   13,600 kg (30,000 lbs.) crush strength. Yup, you read that right!
•   IP65 Rating Water and Dust Proof
•   Built, Designed, and Supported in the U.S.A
•   4+ year operation life span
•   2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
•   24/7 support, the pi-lit® team has your back
Low Cost of Ownership
•   Less then $0.90 cost per deployment and last for HOURS!
•   Traditional fuse flares cost about $2 a pop and last 15-30 minutes. 
•   No fire danger; prevent avoidable and costly fire damage
•   Quick return on investment with enhanced safety
•   No toxic or harmful fumes
•   Unlike fuses flame flares, can be used in/near chemical or fuel spills
•   Prevents you from having to purchase a new pair of pants and gloves after burning holes in them! Call it a win/win.
Optional Universal Cone Adapter:
•   Allows flare to be securely mounted on top of the cone. 
•   Offers flexibility to have a 360 degree cone lamp or a unidirectional cone lamp
Rechargeable Model
•   20+ hours of continuous flash
•   Powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
•   Charge all flares at once (using dual purpose carrying case)
•   6 hour recharge time from a completely depleted battery
•   Battery status check with push of a button
•   5 flash patterns to choose from (4 sequential, 1 simultaneous)
•   RDS™ (Rapid Deployment System): Automatically turns on flare when removed from the case
•   30,000 lbs. (13,600 kg) crush strength
•   IP67 Water and Dust Rating
•   Also available in Alkaline Model
•   Includes: Endoskeleton Carrying/Charging case, DC 12/24V car charger plug, AC wall charger plug.
Flare Specifications: 
•   Weight = .5 lbs, 
•   Dimensions: L = 4.25 in, W = 3.5 in, H = 1 in
ICS Flare Color & LED Options
Housing Color LED Colors (Side/Top)
Orange Orange/Red
Red Red/Red
Yellow Amber/Amber
Blue Blue/Blue


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