Rope Ratchet Tie-Down

Carolina North

The easy-to-use ROPE RATCHET is the answer to all your tie-down needs for work or play.  The patented design and rugged construction lets you secure a wide variety of loads quickly and easily.  Every ROPE RATCHET is made super tough so you can depend on it to take all the hard work you do.  The outer casings are made from strong #6 - 33% Glass Filled Nylon with interior mechanisms of Die Cast Zinc.  The rope is Solid Braided Polyester or Polypropylene and the hooks are Zinc Plated Steel.

ROPE RATCHET obsoletes standard tie-down methods such as rope that requires difficult knots that slip, elastic cords that stretch, snap back and break and webbing type ratchets that spool and are difficult to use.   With the ROPE RATCHET you simply attach the two hooks and pull the loose end of the rope to get the secure tightness you need.

With ROPE RATCHET Tie-Downs you never have to worry about stretching, snapping back or loosening.  Your load stays secure because the rope automatically locks in place with every pull and stays locked until you release it by pushing the convenient Thumb Release Lever.

  Size   Rope Length(s) Load Limit (lbs.)
1/8" 6 ft. 75
3/16" 8 ft. 110
1/4" 8 ft. or 15 ft. 150
3/8" 8 ft. or 15 ft. 250
1/2" 8 ft. or 15 ft. 500

•   Carefully evaluate actual work-load prior to use
•   Do not exceed load limit of Ratchet or rope
•   Inspect Rope and Ratchet BEFORE each use
•   DO NOT USE if ratchet or rope is damaged
•   Avoid sharp edges, pinch points, abrasive or hot surfaces

Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
10001 1/8" Rope Ratchet - 6 ft. Rope
10050 3/16" Rope Ratchet - 8 ft. Rope
10010 1/4" Rope Ratchet - 8 ft. Rope
10015 1/4" Rope Ratchet - 15 ft. Rope
10020 3/8" Rope Ratchet - 8 ft. Rope
10025 3/8" Rope Ratchet - 15 ft. Rope
10035 1/2" Rope Ratchet - 15 ft. Rope