R.A.T. (Rapid Air Transport) Bag

R&B Fabrication

R.A.T. (Rapid Air Trasport)

With a trapped rescuer in need of air the R.A.T. Bag will help provide an emergency air cylinder to the trapped rescuer. Constructed of 22 oz. vinyl coated nylon and virtually indestructible Tuff Bottom, the bag can be dragged or carried to the trapped rescuer. A carabineer is available for attachment. The Air cylinder is held in place with 3 quick-release web straps and can accommodate all sizes of cylinders. Ample room for rope and mask storage and an additional pocket on the top for equipment storage make this bag versatile and easier to handle than a R.I.T. Bag.

  • ᅠMeasures 21" long, 9" wide and 10" high.
  • ᅠTool pocket is 7" wide x 20" long. Wt. 28 oz.

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