Steel Quic-Storage Cylinder Rack

Zico - Ziamatic

The QUIC-STORAGE® Rack system keeps SCBA cylinders, fire extinguishers, and other cylindrical items safe and organized.  Each unit measures 7-3/4” square by 23” long and holds one cylinder. Units can be bolted together and may be positioned horizontally or vertically.

•    Horizontal racks have one cradle with rubber bumpers in the front.  
•    Vertical units have two cradles and no rubber stops.
•    Colors: Yellow or Black PVC coated

When one unit is placed on top of another, the bottom box may be ordered “less top” as the bottom of the box above becomes the top for the box below.

Restraint Straps Sold Separately
Restraint straps  prevent accidental release of SCBA cylinder while providing immediate access when needed.  NFPA 1901-09 Sections 15-5.5 and 15-5.6 require restraint straps for SCBA cylinder storage racks. The straps are designed to keep the air cylinder in place in the event of an accident or roll-over.

Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
ACSR-6-_ Steel Quic-Storage - Horizontal
ACSR-6-_-(LT) Steel Quic-Storage - Horizontal Less Top
VACSR-6-_ Steel Quic-Storage - Vertical
VACSR-6-_-(LT) Steel Quic-Storage - Vertical Less Top
ACSR-T_ Steel Quic-Storage - Top ONLY
ACSR-RS Quic-Storage Cylinder Restraint Strap (ACSR & VACSR Units)