Enspire Fire Decon Wipes & Towels

enspire FIRE

When used immediately after fighting activities enspire FIRE Decontamination Products help lower the body temperature to decrease the absorption rate of contaminants within the skin.  enspire FIRE Decontamination Towels and Wipes help to remove as much soot as possible from your body and equipment, reducing your exposure to these dangerous substances.

enspire FIRE pre-moistened wipes and towels are currenty being used by US Forest Service Firefighters and various Fire and EMS groups across the country with new applications emerging each day: emergency preparedness, heavy industry, automotive shops, fitness clubs and much more!

•    Pre-Moistened.
•    Strong & durable fabric made to withstand rough use
•    Easily wipes away contaminants that may contain carcinogens.
•    Alcohol free. Fragrance-free.
•    Cleans, cools, and refreshes.
•    Can be used as an improvised sling or bandage

Two convenient sizes to clean your whole body, head to toe.
•    10” x 12” Wipe (12 ea. wipes per resealable pack)
•    24” x 48” Towel (1 ea. towel per pack)

Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
E1012QC-12 10"x12" Decontamination Wipes (1 pack - 12 wipes)
E1012QC-48 10"x12" Decontamination Wipes (48 packs)
E2X41-6 24"x48" Decontamination Towel (6 packs)
E2X41-48 24"x48" Decontamination Towel (48 packs)