HAIX Fire Eagle Air Grip Xtreme

You focus on what matters. Saving lives or putting your technical rescue skills to the test. The HAIX Fire Eagle Air Grip Xtreme keeps you safe on the front lines, and it also keeps you on your feet in harsh winter weather.

Maximum Protection
HAIX Fire Eagle Air Grip Xtreme is your personal coat of armor to keep your feet protected from heat and flames. The durable bull hide leather, stainless steel puncture plate, composite toe, and EH rated sole keeps you safe and protected like no other boot.

High Performance Sole Built for Winter
No matter the weather, the newly developed Grip Xtreme sole on the Fire Eagle Air Grip Xtreme sticks with you when you have a job to do. The embedded yellow gripping elements give you better footing on snow and ice. The sole keeps your feet insulated against the cold of winter and the heat of the fire. The Fire Eagle Air Grip Xtreme is also EH-rated to 18kv.

Lightweight and Comfortable Toe Protection
The lightweight composite safety toe in the Fire Eagle Air Grip Xtreme offers your toes roomy comfort and provides you with less foot and leg fatigue paired with the utmost safety protection.

The Fire Eagle Air Grip Xtreme's CROSSTECH® inner lining keeps your feet dry, and is breathable while protecting you from chemicals, blood, and body fluids.

Athletic Fit, Feel & Flexibility
Fire Eagle Air Grip Xtreme has an athletic fit and feel and is firefighter strong. Lightweight yet durable, it offers a secure and stable fit allowing more freedom of movement when climbing, kneeling and driving. Foot and ankle stability and flexibility found in this boot is even more important when working on snow or ice.

Cushioned Performance Insole
Fire Eagle Air Grip Xtreme insoles work as hard as you do. With outstanding moisture absorption and breathability, your feet will stay dry and comfortable no matter how hot the job gets. The added PU cushioning will have you feeling the comfort in every step.

Breathable Comfort in Tough Conditions
Fire Eagle Air Grip Xtreme features a temperature regulating Climate System that keeps feet warm when cold and cool when it's hot. Fresh air filters through while moist air releases through the vent holes at the top of the boot with each step you take.

HAIX Fire Eagle Air Grip Xtreme Features:
•   Sun Reflect Leather
•   Chemical/bloodborne pathogen protection
•   Climate system
•   Composite safety toe
•   Washable & Exchangeable Insole
•   Ankle protector & Ankle Flex system
•   Steel puncture protection
•   Heat & flame resistant sole
•   Electrical hazard to 18kv
•   Built in boot jack
•   ID tag

HAIX Fire Eagle Air Grip Xtreme Specifications:
•   Upper Material: Waterproof Smooth leather (Black)
•   Moisture Barrier: CROSSTECH®
•   Sole: 032 Grip Xtreme lightweight rubber/PU sole.
•   Boot Height: 14 inches
•   Shank: Stainless Steel flexible shank
•   Inner Liner: CROSSTECH®
•   Gender Sizing: Men and Women’s

•   ASTM F 2413, CAN/CSA-Z195, NFPA 1971, NFPA 1990 (1992)

  Narrow Width Medium Width Wide Width
Mens Sizing 5 -16 5 - 16 5 - 16
Womens Sizing 5 - 12 5 - 12 5 - 12


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