HAIX Safety Vario Insole

HAIX Footwear

The HAIX Safety Vario Insole is removable and washable.  The Vario insole has superior moisture absorption and dries quickly.

Compatible Footwear Models

•  Fire Hunter USA
•  Fire Hunter Xtreme
•  Fire Hero Xtreme
•  Fire Eagle Air and Air Grip Xtreme
•  Fire Flash Xtreme

•  Airpower XR1/XR1 Pro
•  Airpower XR2
•  Airpower XR23
•  Airpower XR26
• Black Eagle Safety 55 Mid

•  Protector Prime Orange
•  Protector Ultra
•  Airpower XR200

Available Widths
•   Narrow
•   Medium
•   Wide

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