CMC Fulcrum Escape Belt


Versatile, reliable, and ready for the fireground. The CMC Fulcrum Escape Belt combines fire-resistant Kevlar® web with easy-to-use steel hardware in a low-profile, NFPA-rated Escape Belt. With its clean, modern design, the Fulcrum leaves the user unencumbered and stays out of the way until needed.

The CMC Fulcrum Escape is made from 1.75" wide black Kevlar web that feeds smoothly through corrosion-resistant steel buckles. It is easy to adjust and holds its fit during use. A Web Keeper™ secures excess tail and prevents slippage. The refined belt construction eliminates stiff points in the web and prevents twists, folds, and snags in the adjuster buckle.

The bartack stitch pattern provides a superior look and feel, and contrasting thread color aids in wear inspection. The Fulcrum Escape Belt can be quickly donned through turnout belt loops or around jackets. A steel snap-hook closure system is fast, secure, and easy to use with gloved hands. Symmetrical components allow the Fulcrum to be flipped for right, or left hand opening/closing and adjustment.

D-Ring Options - The Fulcrum is available with two different D-Ring Options.

Sliding D-Ring: The Sliding D is ideal for connecting a personal escape system such as the LEVR Escape System. This D-Ring is held to the side by a Velcro keeper where it can remain tethered to the escape system. When the system is deployed, the Sliding D releases from its keeper and moves to the central point on the body to facilitate descent.

Fixed D-Ring AND Sliding D-Ring: The Fixed D and Sliding D option adds more versatility and functionality for the user. All of the benefits of the siding D-Ring with the addition of a fixed D-Ring. The fixed D-ring is a rated, load-bearing attachment point for connecting technical equipment, positioning lanyards, and performing rescue operations.

•   Sliding D-Ring supports attachment to escape systems like the LEVR Escape System
•   Velcro keeper holds Sliding D flush to the side until weighted and pulled to center
•   Fixed D-Ring is a versatile, rated, load-bearing attachment point
•   Snap-hook closure is fast, secure, and easy to operate with gloved hands
•   Symmetrical design allows belt to be flipped for right- or left-hand adjustment
•   Black Kevlar web is heat and flame resistant, low profile, and lightweight
•   Triple bartack construction reduces wide stiff points for enhanced comfort
•   Quickly donned through belt loops or over jacket, wide size range
•   Web Keeper secures tail and works with adjuster buckle to maintain fit
•   Streamlined components prevent web from twisting, folding, or snagging
•   Contrasting natural color Kevlar thread aids in wear inspection
•   Corrosion-resistant, durable steel hardware is built to last
•   UL Classified to NFPA 2500 Belt and NFPA 1983 Escape
•   Made in the USA


SKU Sizing Waist Sizing Attachemet Points Weight (lbs.)
204002 SM/MD 26"-38" Sliding D-Ring 1.02
204004 MD/LG 34"-46" 1.06
204006 LG/XL 42"-60" 1.11
204012 SM/MD 26"-38" Sliding & Fixed D-Ring 1.24
204014 MD/LG 34"-46" 1.28
204016 LG/XL 42"-60" 1.32



Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
204002 Fulcrum Escape Belt - Sliding D-Ring - S/M
204004 Fulcrum Escape Belt - Sliding D-Ring - M/L
204006 Fulcrum Escape Belt - Sliding D-Ring - L/XL
204012 Fulcrum Escape Belt - Sliding & Fixed D-Rings - S/M
204014 Fulcrum Escape Belt - Sliding & Fixed D-Rings - M/L
204016 Fulcrum Escape Belt - Sliding & Fixed D-Rings - L/XL