Phenix TL2 Traditional Leather Helmet

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(AK and HI Residents $49.00 Flat Rate)

Phenix TL2 Traditional Leather Firefighting Helmet

Phenix Technology’s Traditional Leather Helmet boasts a low center of gravity and is center balanced, which helps reduce neck fatigue. Phenix TL-2 Leather Helmets interface with any SCBA mask. Phenix offers numerous options when building your custom TL2 so please be sure to pay special attention to your desired features. If you do not see the helmet options you desire, please Contact First Out Rescue Equipment to discuss the details of your helmet build.

•    Top grade veg-tanned leather shell with commemorative 9-11 filigree design
•    American made brass Phoenix finial
•    High temperature thermoplastic dome
•    Closed cell energy impact cap
•    Phenix suspension liner (nape strap or ratchet)
•    Chinstrap: Black Nomex webbing with postman’s slide & quick release buckle
•    Custom comfort pad integrated into suspension liner.
•    Black Nomex fire retardant cotton 8” earlaps (detachable for easy cleaning & decon)
•    D-ring on rear brim
•    Compliant to current NFPA, CAL and US OSHA standards

•    Approximately 3.4 lbs. (55 oz.) without eye protection or front shield.
•    Weight will vary slightly as this is real leather & no two cows are the same.

Model # Suspension Ear Flaps
TL 001D Nape Strap 8" Detachable
TL 003D Ratchet 8" Detachable
TL 005 - (OSHA)** Nape Strap None
TL 005R - (OSHA)** Ratchet None

**Helmet models TL 005 & TL 005R are NOT NFPA Compliant. Please consult your agency requirements before ordering a non-NFPA compliant helmet.

Available Options:

Suspension Liner Adjustment: Phenix suspension liners are offered in two different styles, ratchet and nape strap. Both the nape and the ratchet suspensions are fully adjustable and are positioned at the nape of your neck. The nape strap adjusts by a Velcro strip usually referred to as a one time adjustment. The ratchet adjusts by an adjustment knob allowing for quicker adjustment in the field. Phenix suspension liners are fully adjustable from 6 ½" to 8 ½".  If necessary, other sizing adjustments may be made upon request.


Eye Protection:
•   Paulson ATAC Goggles - Long Strap
•   ESS Firepro Goggles - Long Strap
•   ESS Firepro Goggles - 2 pc. Strap - Side Mount
•   ESS Firepor Goggles - 2 pc. Strap - Under Brim Mount
•   Bourke Flip-Down Eye Shields*

* Bourke style shields meet all applicable US OSHA standards. However, Bourke flip-down eye shields are NOT Certified to NFPA 1971 Standards for Structural Firefighting.

Colors:  Black, Flat Black, Blue, Fire Red, Yellow, White or Natural.  Custom colors also available at additional charge. 

Reflective Tetrahedrons: Lime/Yellow Scotchlite (NFPA), Red/Orange (NFPA), White, Blue, Black

Custom Brim Bending: You have to look good, so you might as well bend it like you want it.

Name Stamping: Name stamping on rear brim for an additional charge. 16 characters max.

Miller 1884, 64 Cone Design: A classic design element that pays tribute to firefighters of the past

Leather Chinstrap:  Upgrade from a traditional Nomex chinstrap to an NFPA compliant leather chinstrap (black, red, natural)

Deluxe Leather Comfort Package:  The Front Comfort Pad, Crown Pad & Ratchet/Nape cover are upgraded from cloth covering to leather.


Special Notes:

1. Phenix Helmets must be ordered with BOTH Earlaps and Goggles to be NFPA 1971 compliant. Please consult your agency requirements before ordering a non-NFPA compliant helmet.

2. Helmets ordered with rear brim name stamping are non-returnable, so please triple check the spelling before submitting your order.

3. First Out Rescue Equipment does not stock TL-2 helmets. There are two reasons for this. First is that there are hundreds of possible configurations and we can’t read your mind until you place your order (then it’s easy). The second is that every TL-2 Helmet is custom built to your specifications and current leads times are running 25-30 weeks. With the NFPA 1851 10 year service life limit on helmets we want you to receive your new helmet within a week or two of its “born on date”.

4. TL-2 Helmet Shield mounting posts are set-up for wide body shields. If you want to use your existing shield and it is not a wide body shield, it will not fit your new helmet. Custom shield mounting post placement is NOT available on Phenix TL-2 Helmets.   

5. If you are ordering a Leather Helmet Shield, please download and complete the Shield Form.  Please include your order number on the form in the Notes Section (Section M). Save the completed order form and send it to us via email as an attachment or via fax at 716-873-1526. 

6. Please be sure you select the correct helmet model (TL-2) when choosing the shield size/style.  If you would like other options not shown on the order form please Contact Us to discuss your leather shield details.



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