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Trusted by departments for over 44 years, the Phenix First Due structural fire helmet provides all the protection you want and need.   The safest firefighting helmet is the one you keep on your head.  Since the First Due is the lightest structural NFPA 1971 compliant helmet on the market, boasting a low center of gravity and central balance, it is less likely to create the neck and upper back fatigue so many are used to during long incidents.  The First Due Helmet is compliant to current OSHA, NFPA 1971 and NFPA 1951 standards. 

Standard Features:
•    High temperature thermo-plastic shell
•    Four 3M lime-yellow reflective 1” x 4” strips
•    Closed cell energy impact cap
•    Exclusive Phenix suspension liner (nape strap or ratchet)
•    Combination Nomex chinstrap with both postman slide and quick-release buckle
•    Compliant to current NFPA, CAL and US OSHA standards

Weight: Approximate weight is 33oz. -39oz. depending on configuration

Suspension Liner Adjustment:  Phenix suspension liners are offered in two different styles, ratchet and nape strap. Both are fully adjustable and are positioned at the nape of your neck.  The nape strap adjusts by a Velcro strip usually referred to as a "one-time adjustment".  The ratchet adjusts by an adjustment knob allowing for quicker adjustment in the field.  Phenix Helmet suspension liners are fully adjustable from 6 ½" to 8 ½".  Special sizing is available upon request.

Eye Protection:
•   Paulson ATAC Goggles
•   ESS Fire Pro Goggles
•   4.5” flip down face shield (tinted & scratch resistant)

Ear/Neck Protection:
•    Constructed from Nomex and Fire Retardant Cotton
•    Detachable for easy cleaning and decon

Model # Certification Suspension Earlaps Eye Protection
 PHE 001D NFPA Nape Detachable Paulson ATAC Goggles
 PHE 001D-ESS NFPA Nape Detachable ESS Firepro Goggles
 PHE 003D NFPA Ratchet Detachable Paulson ATAC Goggles
 PHE 003D-ESS NFPA Ratchet Detachable ESS Firepro Goggles
 PHE 002D NFPA Nape Detachable 4.5" Face Shield
 PHE 004D NFPA Ratchet Detachable 4.5" Face Shield
 PHE 005** OSHA Nape None None
 PHE 005R** OSHA Ratchet None None

** Helmet models PHE 005 & PHE 005R are NOT NFPA Compliant.

Phenix Helmets must be ordered with BOTH Earlaps and Goggles in order to be NFPA 1971 compliant. Please consult your agency requirements before ordering a non-NFPA compliant helmet.

Helmet Colors: Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, White and Black.

Deluxe Leather Comfort Package:  The Front Comfort Pad, Crown Pad & Ratchet/Nape cover are upgraded from cloth covering to leather.


1. If you are ordering a Leather Helmet Shield, please download and complete the Shield Form.  Please include your order number on the form in the Notes Section (Section M). Save the completed order form and send it to us via email as an attachment or via fax at 716-873-1526. 

2. Please be sure you select the correct helmet model (First Due) when choosing the shield size/style.  If you would like other options not shown on the order form please Contact Us to discuss your leather shield details.

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