Leatherhead Ultra-Force Irons Set

Leatherhead Tools

•    Made in the USA with 100% American materials and craftsmanship
•    Ultra-Force axe is perfect for ventilation, forcible entry and overhaul
•    All Forged Halligan outperforms inferior "pinned” Halligan bars
•    Drop forged construction with 100% American high carbon steel
•    ‘Mary’ Strap connects the Irons for safe & easy carrying
•    Designed for a for a lifetime of use


Leatherhead Tool Ultra Force Axe with Leatherhead-Lock
•    Leatherhead-Lock adds pulling force when married to a halligan
•    Ultra-Force® 8 lb..Axe head made with special high-carbon steel
•    Used for ventilation, forcible entry, overhaul and extrication
•    Flat sledge end to smash through doors, roofs, walls and floors
•    Redesigned head with 90° square edge striking surfaces
•    Handle mounted in the center for the “Perfect” balance
•    100% Made and manufactured in the U.S.A.
•    Handle Colors: Orange, Lime Green, Yellow, Black
•    Yellow and black handles have 'deer hoof' grip at base of handle

Leatherhead Halligan Bar
The Leatherhead Bar is a Halligan style forcible entry tool constructed of high carbon steel and drop forged to ensure optimum strength and rigidity. It is heat treated for lasting hardness and strength that meets or exceeds ANSI specifications. The rugged Leatherhead Bar is perfect for ventilation, forcible entry or overhaul.

“Tuned” Halligan for forcible entry operations
•    Redesigned Adz with a smooth striking surface to eliminate awkward striking angles
•    Thin Forks with 1 inch spread between forks for removal of door locks/knobs
•    Reference lines on the forks and adz for depth when gapping and setting the tool
•    Squared off shoulders for a solid striking surface

Drop Forged Halligan Construction
•    100% Manufactured in the U.S.A. with American materials and craftsmanship
•    Drop forged with high carbon steel, fully heat treated and plated
•    All forged design to last a lifetime of abuse and punishment
•    Length: 30"
•    Weight: 12 lbs.

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