Internal Pipe Plugs

Edwards & Cromwell

The Edwards and Cromwell Internal Pipe Plug kit allows you to control a leaking pipe without sealing it off completely.  The pipe plugging kit allows the material to be piped off to an alternate location with complete control of the flow.  The Pipe Plugging Kit contains non-vented internal pipe plugs to fit pipe sizes from ¾” to 4”.  Simply insert the plug into the pipe, tighten the nut to stop the leak and then use the included valve and tubing to pipe off to a recovery container.

Some examples of potential uses include:
•    Leaking gas meters
•    Leaking water pipes
•    Leaking tank truck valves

Extreme CAUTION should be used where dealing with leak control:
•    Always wear proper protective clothing.
•    Identify & know the chemical you are working with.
•    Compatibility with Neoprene, SBR Rubber, Stainless and Plated Steels used in this kit. 

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Item/Description Qty.
3/4" Pipe Plug 1
1" Pipe Plug 1
1 1/4" Pipe Plug 1
1 1/4" Pipe Plug 1
1 3/4" Pipe Plug 1
2" Pipe Plug 1
2 1/2" Pipe Plug 1
3" Pipe Plug 1
3 1/2" Pipe Plug 1
4" Pipe Plug 1
Valve w/ nipple 1
Drain hose 1
Tool Kit 1
Carrying Case (24" x 14" x 5") 1
Kit Weight (lbs.) 32


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