MACK 2 - Multi-Air Command Kit

Air Systems International

The Air Systems International MACK™ units have been designed as a series of portable air distribution boxes to meet the most demanding air handling needs of the Fire/Rescue industry. Each MACK unit has been designed and tested by professional firefighters to meet the changing industry and NFPA requirements.

The MACK-2 allows one or two SCBA cylinders to provide air to the system; a CGA-347 high pressure inlet is also provided to allow continuous operation from truck mounted air cylinders. A low pressure regulator provides 0-125psi air to a four outlet respirator manifold. 0-5000 psi adjustable fill regulator. A 5 ft. fill hose is provided with hand tight wheel and bleed valve. A low pressure alarm whistle and a 6 volt DC lamp to illuminate the case interior are provided as standard equipment.

• 4-outlet manifold
• 5000 psi regulator
• 2 High pressure cylinder whips
• 1 High pressure inlet port
• 0-5000 psi adjustable fill regulator
• 5 ft. fill hose w/ hand tight wheel & bleed valve
• Low pressure alarm/whistle
• Storage case w/ DC Lamp

SCBA Cylinders NOT Included

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