The Meter Stick

Longver Innovations
This device may save a life!  Measure a possible harmful environment before entering the space.
Many times, crews will make entry to a building without the proper PPE on.  In some instances, the environment is looking for just the right fuel air ratio to ignite or explode.  Opening a door without metering the atmosphere is a potential recipe for disaster.    
With The Meter Stick, crews can take a sample of the environment by extending the meter stick with a meter attached as far into the building as possible while maintaining door control to limit air entrainment. 
Propane Emergencies:
Most gas meter users walk through an environment holding the meter in front of them. In a potential Liquid Propane (LP) Emergency, the gas will actually be at their feet, so why not meter there. This device allows the user to easily take a sample in the correct location.
•   Extends from 8” to 35”
•   Weight: 2.2 oz.
•   Made in the USA
•   Can be stored with the meter attached for easy deployment


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