HAIX Fire Hunter Xtreme

HAIX Footwear

•    Boot Height:  14 inches
•    Waterproof
•    Smooth leather upper
•    CROSSTECH® Inner liner
•    Steel safety toe
•    Certifications: NFPA 1971, NFPA 1992, ASTM F 2413, CAN/CSA-Z195

Beyond Expectations
As a firefighter, you want your gear to be strong and sturdy, yet comfortable. Finally, there is a fire boot which delivers everything you want and expect in fire boot performance and comfort. Certified by UL to NFPA for structural firefighting, the Fire Hunter Xtreme is the boot for you.

On the outside, it is made of water resistant, sun reflecting leather. This helps keep the boot looking new for a long time as well as deflecting additional heat from a hot day before it can penetrate the boot. 

Stay Cool and Dry
The HAIX® climate system helps keep your feet comfortable for long hours at a time. The ankle flex system helps keep your ankle stable and straight, while offering enough movement to kneel, crouch, crawl and operate equipment. The high durability, rubber toe cap helps to protect your boot from abrasions when you find it necessary to crawl into those tight spaces.  With a self-cleaning rubber outsole, the boot also provides heat resistance and electrical hazard grounding. The rubber sole contains nitrile, a compound resistant to heat, fuel, and oil. 

Stay Safe and Secure
On the inside, pure comfort and quality with a steel toe cap and steel mid-sole offers toe and puncture protection, with a TEXON fleece foot bed that supports your feet and absorbs moisture ensuring your feet stay dry and cool. The CROSSTECH® inner lining is waterproof, breathable, and offers protection against chemicals and blood borne pathogens. The Secura Liner® is built to stay in your boot rather than wrinkle or pull out as you remove your foot.  The leather heel counter molds to your heel like a second skin for maximum, blister-free comfort.  Finally, you have the MSL system, a PU foam cushioning injected into the sole, which is shock absorbent and insulating from the extremes in temperatures encounter on the job.

Insole, Lining, and Footbed
With the Secura Liner® you can be assured that your liner will stay in place rather than wrinkling or pulling out and the HAIX® Climate System helps your feet stay dry and cool even when your surroundings are hot.  A Ladder shank has been added to give more support when having to stand on ladder rungs. Your toes are safely protected via the steel protective toe cap. Padded shin protection ensures that your feet and legs suffer as little damage as possible during the workday. For protection against nails and other sharps, HAIX® Fire Hunter Xtreme comes with steel puncture protective soles. The CROSSTECH® material makes the boot both breathable and waterproof.

HAIX® MSL (Micro soft light) PU foam is throughout the sole of the boot; the PU material is throughout the sole to give it optimal shock absorption and insulation from hot and cold temperature extremes. The slip resistant and highly heat resistant rubber sole will keep you on your feet when duty calls.

Extended Wear
As the owner of HAIX® Fire Hunter Xtreme footwear, you can have your footwear refurbished with original materials and parts if you choose an extended wear package, after your original warranty has expired. The extended wear package gives you the comfort and security of the repair or replacement of rubber toe caps, stitching, sole retreading, and insoles. Your footwear will also be cleaned and deodorized so that it comes back to you almost new once more.

-  NFPA - National Fire Protection Association NFPA 1971-2013, NFPA 1992-2012
-  ASTM F 2413-2011 - International Standard
-  CAN/CSA-Z195-2014 - Canada and other international countries product quality standard

•    Engineered in Germany
•    Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time
•    Sun Reflect leather helps keep feet cooler in direct sunlight
•    PU foam throughout the sole for shock absorption & cold/heat insulation
•    HAIX® Climate System keeps your feet temperature regulated and more comfortable
•    Ankle Flex System uses flexible insert in the shaft/instep area to fit like a lace boot
•    Steel protective toe cap
•    Exterior profiled rubber toe cap for abrasion resistance when crawling
•    Steel puncture protective sole
•    Ladder shank for extra support on ladder rungs
•    Padded shin protection
•    Larger boot straps placed below the topline to reduce calf rub
•    Waterproof/breathable with CROSSTECH® linner
•    Chemical protection and bloodborne pathogen resistance
•    Slip resistant and highly heat resistant rubber sole


  Narrow Width Medium Width Wide Width
Mens Sizing 5 -16 5 - 16 5 - 16
Womens Sizing 5 - 12 5 - 12 5 - 12

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