HAIX Fire Hero Xtreme

HAIX Footwear

•    Boot Height: 13 inches
•    Waterproof
•    Smooth leather upper
•    CROSSTECH® Inner Liner
•    Composite safety toe
•    Certifications: NFPA 1971, NFPA 1992, ASTM F 2413, CAN/CSA-Z195

The nature of your job as a firefighter entails unforeseen physical challenges, from climbing multiple flights of stairs in full turnout gear, dragging a victim to safety, or dragging heavy hose. You need firefighter puncture resistant boots that will handle any situation while providing the protection, support and agility you need. The HAIX® Fire Hero Xtreme is the most popular HAIX firefighter puncture resistant firefighting bunker boot.


Extremely Slip Resistant with Polyurethane Foam Soles
The HAIX® Fire Hero Xtreme's highly slip resistant sole allows you to get into the action even if it's on water, ice, or snow. Together with the honeycomb tread pattern and yellow suction cups, the HAIX® Fire Hero Xtreme boots offer excellent traction on slick and wet surfaces.

The ladder bar treads in the joint area provides support, stability, comfort and grip while climbing ladder rungs. The polyurethane foam is injected into the sole cavity, offers shock absorption and phenomenal heat and cold insulation because emergencies happen 24/7, 365 in all types of weather. The HAIX® Fire Hero Xtreme sole is self-cleaning, oil and fuel resistant, and non-chalky requiring only minimal maintenance. The added benefit of a built in boot jack at the back, makes getting your boots off as easy as 1-2-3.

Ankle Flex System for Feet and Ankle Support
The HAIX® Ankle Flex System offers a snug fit that provides support for your feet and ankles. The integrated flex zones that surround the ankle ensures you have flexibility and freedom of movement no matter the task. The Ankle Flex System enables the boot to adjust to different foot, ankle, and heel shapes for a more custom fit. The added Ankle Protector helps to prevent ankle injuries from sudden blows.

CROSSTECH® and Secura Liner® Protected
The HAIX® Fire Hero Xtreme is European made and built with only quality European leather. The CROSSTECH® inner liner is waterproof with the added protection from chemicals and bloodborne pathogens. The HAIX Secura Liner® feature ensures the liner will never "pull out" which can happen with lesser quality fire boots.

HAIX® Climate System and HAIX Sun Reflect Leather
The HAIX climate system engineered in the HAIX® Fire Hero Xtreme ensures that your feet stay at a comfortable temperature no matter the weather or temperature. It keeps your feet cooler during warmer temperatures and warmer during colder temperatures. The HAIX® Sun Reflect leather protects the boot by reflecting direct sunlight so your feet don't get too hot even on the hottest of days.

Comfortable Bootstraps and Padded Shin
The larger bootstraps are strategically placed below the topline of the HAIX® Fire Hero Xtreme boot in order to protect the calf from rubbing you can experience with other manufacturer’s longer bootstraps. And with its padded shin protection, you can lean on ladder rungs all day long and barrel through low obstacles without any worry of injury.

•   Engineered in Germany
•   Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time
•   HAIX® Sun Reflect leather helps keep feet cooler in direct sunlight
•   Micro Soft Light PU foam throughout the sole for shock absorption & cold/heat insulation.
•   HAIX® Climate System keeps your feet temperature regulated and more comfortable
•   HAIX® Ankle Flex System stabilizes the foot with a fit like a lace up boot
•   Carbon composite protective toe cap
•   Exterior profiled rubber toe cap for abrasion resistance when crawling
•   Steel puncture protective sole
•   Ladder shank for extra support on ladder rungs
•   HAIX® ES Out System offers a special heel edge for easier boot removal
•   Padded shin protection
•   Larger boot straps placed below the topline to eliminate calf rub
•   Waterproof/breathable with CROSSTECH® linner
•   Increased chemical protection and bloodborne pathogen resistance
•   Slip resistant and highly heat resistant water ice grip rubber sole

  Narrow Width Medium Width Wide Width
Mens Sizing 5 -16 5 - 16 5 - 16
Womens Sizing 5 - 12 5 - 12 5 - 12


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