HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip

HAIX Footwear

The HAIX® Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip offers a high quality, hard-wearing pair of boots that boasts a “triple threat” of lightweight durability, comfort no matter the temperatures, and protection against the elements.  The HAIX® Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 High Side Zip upper is a combination of European leathers and textile to make this boot feel lightweight and exceptionally breathable; your feet will stay comfortable indoors and out, in warm or cold temperatures. The GORE-TEX® inner liner ensures your feet stay dry and irritation free even on miserably rainy days.

•    Waterproof
•    Smooth leather upper material
•    GORE-TEX®Inner liner     
•    BLACK EAGLE® 018 Sole
•    TPU R3000 Shank
•    2 zone lacing
•    Anti-static conductivity
•    No safety toe
•    Leg height:  8 inches
•    Color: Black

Since a good pair of law enforcement duty boots can have a big effect on how you feel throughout the day, the HAIX® Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip has your back. From the lightweight yet durable construction of the sole to the breathability of the upper, no detail is overlooked. The HAIX® Black Eagle® sole uses a special rubber which keeps it flexible and extremely slip-resistant to oil and gasoline and promises not to mark up your floors.  The soles are not only heat resistant, but also cold insulating. This helps to prevent the cold from seeping up through the sole. The tread is also self-cleaning; releasing dried and caked on dirt and mud by using the stepping motion of your foot.

With the built-in stabilization zone of the foot-bed, your foot stays ideally positioned to keep weight distributed evenly throughout the foot to maintain foot health and prevent foot and leg fatigue. The removable and washable antibacterial insole also provides ample support and cushiony feel for a comfortable fit day in and day out. The lace zip system provides ample ankle and foot support and prevents your feet from sliding around in the boot, and the handy side zip feature prevents fumbling with the laces when the need to get in your boots on quickly.

•    Made in Europe
•    Breathable leather/textile design
•    Sun Reflect leather keeps the leather, and the feet, cooler
•    GORE-TEX® Extended inner liner for indoor and outdoor use
•    Side zipper for easy on and off
•    Pull on loop at the rear
•    Durable anti-slip sole is fuel and oil resistant
•    Heat resistant and cold insulating sole
•    Tread is non-marking, self-cleaning; naturally releasing mud/dirt as you walk
•    Excellent grip on uneven terrain, even on wet or cold surfaces
•    Midsole and heel offer pressure distribution, stabilization, and shock absorption
•    Cushioned, moisture wicking, antibacterial insole is washable and replaceable
•    Padded tongue for additional cushioned comfort

Width Medium
Mens Sizing 4-13, 14, 15, 16 4-13, 14, 15, 16


One year Limited Warranty
HAIX Black Eagle Footwear comes standard with a one year Limited Warranty.  However an additional extended one-year extended warranty can be added for a total of two years simply by simply filling out the Black Eagle Extended Warranty On-Line Form.  

With the extended limited warranty,  choosing the Black Eagle line of tactical footwear is almost a no brainer!  After trying the HAIX Black Eagles, they may just be the last brand of footwear you'll ever buy.

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