Golf Ball Plug

Edwards & Cromwell

The GOLF BALL PLUG is a golf ball sized/shaped polyurethane impregnated, water activated foam plug used to temporarily stop the flow from a leak in anything from a pipe to a tanker, to a railcar or even a boat.  The GOLF BALL PLUG is initially pliable making it easy to insert into a void.  Once inserted into the void, the GOLF BALL PLUG quickly expands and hardens to fill the void and stop the leak.  The GOLF BALL PLUG can even be applied below the water line.

•    Ready to use quickly
•    Simple Application
•    Extremely effective
•    Quick results
•    No mixing or mess
•    Sets rock hard in minutes

•    Color:  Foam-Yellow / Urethane-White
•    Cure Time: 2 Minutes @ 750 F
•    Resin Type: Pre-Impregnated
•    Application Temperature: 320 to 1600 F
•    Size: 1.5” round before activation

Kit Contains:
•    Step-by-step instructions
•    Protective gloves

Product Flyer [PDF]




Video Shows the "Football Plug" in use.  The Golf Ball Plug works exactly the same just smaller size.


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