Foam Eductor Backpack System

Scotty Firefighter

With the Scotty Portable Backpack Foam System every fire hose line has the ability to become a foam line.  The Backpack is constructed from a super tough engineering grade polymer shell making it lightweight and super tough.  The 2" wide, durable nylon straps with 3" wide shoulder pads make it comfortable to wear for extended periods.

The eductor, shut-off and base of the nozzle are made from glass-reinforced engineering grade nylon, making it extremely durable and resistant to corrosion.  For versatility and flexibility, Scotty has multiple flow rates and nozzle configurations.  The eductor is designed for a nominal operating pressure of between 75 and 125psi.

All units include:
•    Backpack with 5 gallon capacity.
•    4 ft. foam pick-up hose with quick connector.
•    Foam educator
•    D-Handle Shut-Off with Pistol Grip, 1-½" NHT thread.
•    Air aspirating foam nozzle matched to the GMP of the educator

Optional Variable Check Valve
The Eductor Backpack systems can be fitted with an optional Variable Checkvalve Foam Control Unit (#4064). This extra option gives the operator the ability to control the foam percentage being educted. The presets are OFF, .5%, 1% and 3%.

Eductor Backpack systems are available with NP or BSP(B) threads. Please Contact Us if you need different threads.

Model Inlet (in.) GPM Stream Reach Nozzle Length
4020BP15A 1.5" Female 15 60 ft. at 100 PSI 17.38"
4025BP30A 1.5" Female 30 60 ft. at 100 PSI 19.23"
4030BP50A 1.5" Female 50 60 ft. at 100 PSI 21.5"
Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
4020BP15A 15 GPM Foam Backpack System - Air Aspirating Nozzle
4064-15 Variable Foam Checkvalve for 15 GPM Eductor
4025BP30A 30 GPM Foam Backpack System - Air Aspirating Nozzle
4064-30 Variable Foam Checkvalve for 30 GPM Eductor
4030BP50A 50 GPM Foam Backpack System - Air Aspirating Nozzle
4064-50 Variable Foam Checkvalve for 50 GPM Eductor