Fire Hooks K-Tool Kit

Fire Hooks Unlimited

Due to the new & stronger doors and locks used in construction of new buildings, forcible entry has become an increasingly longer and harder task to perform. The K-Tool and the "Thru the Lock" method of forcible entry provide a modern approach to this problem.

The complete K-Tool unit includes:

  • ᅠK-Tool
  • ᅠSet of Key Tools
  • ᅠLeather Pouch
  • ᅠShove Knife
  • ᅠOperation Manual

First Out Rescue School of Forcible Entry:

K-Tool: A tool designed (by a NYC Fire Lieutenant and licensed locksmith) to pull all types of lock cylinders (rim or mortise) from the various glass type or solid doors.

Key Tools: Tool inserted into lock cylinder hole after cylinder is pulled which moves the lock bolt to open position.

Shove Knife:ᅠ The fastest, damage free means of opening residential, office interior doors with key in the knob locks. The design makes the knife work from either side of the door.ᅠ If the door opens inward, you shove the knife in back of the molding stop and retract the latch. For doors that open towards you, the knife is slipped in from above or below the latch point and jiggled and pulled to retract the latch.ᅠ A protective sleeve is added when not in use.

Pouch: A top grain leather pouch designed to carry the K-Tool and set of Key Tools.ᅠ Prevents loss and keeps the tools together.

Grouped product items
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KTKIT Fire Hooks K-Tool Kit
KTBLADES Replacement K-Tool Blades
KTKEYTOOLS2 Replacement Key Tools for K-Tool (set of 2)
KTPOUCH Replacement K-Tool Leather Pouch
KTONLY Replacement K-Tool Only