Fire Hooks Extinguisher Holders

Fire Hooks Unlimited

Two versions of Extinguisher Holders are available to securely hold your 2.5 gallon water extinguisher “the can”.

Compartment Mount
Constructed of the same corrosion resistant aluminum as the Running Board model, the Compartment Mount Fire Extinguisher Holder features a hinge that allows the extinguisher holder to be tiled forward for easy extinguisher removal from apparatus compartments.  The vinyl lock stop keeps the extinguisher holder secure in the upright position.

Running Board / Step Model
Constructed of durable, corrosion resistant aluminum with vinyl trim on the edges to protect the extinguisher, this extinguisher holder is designed to be mounted on the step or running board with two 2.5” bolts.  No moving parts to break, extremely simple and keeps “the can” ready to deploy in seconds.

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EXT-H Hinged Compartment Extinguisher Mount
EXT-S Running Board/Step Extinguisher Mount