Fire Hooks Adz-Rex & Lil-Rex

Fire Hooks Unlimited

Both the Adz-Rex and the Lil-Rex tools feature the same lock pulling head as the Rex Tool but without the pry bar.ᅠ The Rex-Tool has a "U" shaped notch with sharp tapered blades that bite into lock cylinders of all shapes and sizes.ᅠ Using your Pro-Bar Halligan for leverage, the Adz-Rex can be used with the Adz End of your Pro-Bar Halligan and the Lil-Rex can be used with the Pike End of your Pro-Bar Halligan.ᅠ

Both tools can be carried in your pocket and can also be used as a door wedge if necessary.ᅠ Both the Adz-Rex and the Lil-Rex come with leather carrying case and entry key.

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