Reach and Rescue Ultralite Carbon Fiber Rescue Pole

Reach and Rescue

The Reach and Rescue Pole key feature is that it quickly and accurately deploys a flotation or other rescue tool to a victim while significantly reducing risks to rescue personnel.  The Reach and Rescue Pole telescopic pole is available in sizes with a reach of to 55 ft.

The Reach and Rescue Poles are manufactured using multiple layers of the highest grade carbon fiber giving the entire pole system outstanding strength, rigidity and light weight for ease of deployment.  Having a lightweight, strong system rescue system gives users control and ensures accuracy and speed in vital rescues.

•    Accurate deployment
•    Simplicity of operation
•    Extending and collapsing of pole is very quick
•    Improved operator safety.   No need to enter the water
•    Fast deployment and retrieval
•    Poles available with extend lengths up to 55 ft. in length
•    Poles not affected by wind or current like rope
•    Failsafe Rope ensures pole remains intact





Pole Size 9M 13M 17M
Length 29.5 ft. 42.7 ft. 55.7 ft.
Collapsed Size 82.7" 94.5" 102"
Weight 5.7 lbs. 10.3 lbs. 12.1 lbs.
Float Required Yes    
Base Pole Dia. 1.8" 2" 2"

View Reach and Rescue Pole Data Sheet [PDF]

Pole Attachments
•    Boat Hook
•    Body Hook
•    Clamping Float (Highly Recomended)
•    Crook Hook
•    Flotation Collar
•    Grappler Hook
•    Line Hook
•    Rescue Net
•    Scaff Hook
•    Spring Snare

SHIPPING NOTE: Special handling fees will apply for ALL Reach & Rescue Poles. You may complete your order online, however there will be no shipping charges displayed at checkout for ALL Reach & Rescue Poles. A First Out Rescue specialist will contact you to make delivery arrangements and give you the final cost for your order including freight charges.

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201718209 R&R Carbon Fiber Pole, 9m / 29.5'
201718213 R&R Carbon Fiber Pole, 13m / 42.6'
201718217 R&R Carbon Fiber Pole, 17m / 55.75'
2017185145-09 R&R Carbon Fiber Pole Bag - 9m / 29.5'
2017185145-17 R&R Carbon Fiber Pole Bag - 13m / 17m