Grappler Hook

Reach and Rescue

The Grappler hook attachment is particularly useful on irregularly shaped retrievals where maximum engagement is critical. The Grappler Hook has proven extremely effective on objects that do not have a ‘conventional’ anchor point for attaching smaller hooks or lines.  The Grappler also works well for the removal of flood debris and in capturing boat lines.

How to Use
The sleeved fitting is designed to slide over the pole top fitting, which secures it in place using a double sprung button mechanism. Use by extending the pole to the necessary length. For longer distances/pole extensions the clamping float is recommended to support the end of the pole on top of the water.  
Maintenance and Precautions
The sleeve fitting should be regularly tested on the pole top fitting, as damage will prevent the attachment from fitting securely.

•    Material: Stainless Steel
•    Weight: 1.2 lbs.
•    Length: 11.4”
•    Across two hooks: 9”

View Grappler Hook Data Sheet [PDF]

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